the thesis

A Business Model for Establishing Service Orientation of Capital Goods Manufacturing Companies

The objective of this doctoral thesis was to develop a service-oriented business model for capital goods manufacturers that supports managers in order to guide a transition from goods to service in practice.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction. An introduction summarising the key points of the thesis.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review. The problem of commoditisation; services as a potential solution to declining profits; and problems in developing a service business.
  • Chapter 3: A Framework for a Service-Oriented Business Model. A theoretical framework that enables the development of a “service-oriented business model for capital goods manufacturers”.
  • Chapter 4: Research Methodology. The research philosophy, the methodology, the research design, and in short the data collection and data analysis.
  • Chapter 5: The Process of Data Collection and Data Analysis. The different stages of the data collection and data analysis process.
  • Chapter 6: Data Analysis. Description of the case companies and their service strategies. Test of the “service-oriented business model” on the collected data.
  • Chapter 7: Conclusions and Implications. Conclusion of the thesis on the basis of the propositions, the corresponding research literature and evidence from the research.